The electric bike specialist

Neomouv is a French company which has been designing and distributing a complete range of electrically-assisted bicycles (E-bikes) since 2003.

Each Neomouv model is studied, designed and tested in-house by engineers who are passionate about the product. The models presented comprise cutting-edge technological innovations while taking into consideration reliability and the best possible quality/price ratio. Néomouv also pays particular attention to the aesthetic quality and originality of its bicycles. All Neomouv models have been designed to meet the needs and expectations of the users.

Neomouv E-bikes are economical, fun and practical. Ascend hills easily and continue to enjoy the pleasure of pedalling. Travel long distances simply, effortlessly and without stress. Your battery is flat: Your e-bike becomes a normal bicycle.

Whether you are a true cycling enthusiast, or simply looking for a modern, ecological and silent means of transport in the city or in the countryside while actively participating in sustainable development, wait no longer!

The company

Neomouv disposes of 3,400 m2 covered space on an 8 hectares site in the countryside of the Pays de La Loire region. A paradise for bicycle tours.

The company's workforce is both dynamic and enthusiastic, with a true desire to transmit the pleasure of travelling in total freedom. The Customer Service Dept., with its 14 years experience, is able to propose the best there is.

Customer Service

Neomouv proposes an exceptional customer service thanks to its extensive stock of spare parts and a retailer training scheme.

French quality

Neomouv is a French company which designs, assembles and commercialises a complete range of E-bikes. As far as possible, the company gives priority to its French partners such as AXA, Michelin or more recently Baramind.

Research and development

Neomouv's design office is composed of a 2-man team continually striving to identify even better solutions.
The products are designed in the Sarthe region.


Neomouv joins forces with the big names in order to offer you only the best. Sony, Samsung and Bosch for the batteries. Shimano for the transmission. Shimano or Tektro for the brakes. Neomouv allows you to choose the battery autonomy when you purchase your E-bike (480Wh / 580Wh / 630Wh).

Neomouv has more then 15 years experience and ever-increasing assurance, as well as a product design with highly original colours and shapes!


A powerful 250W motor will drive you uphill! The battery operating life is 750 cycles.
A 6 km/h start assistance button: A more comfortable start.


Particular care is paid to the frame finish quality. The polish, paintwork and passage of cables are clear examples of this quality.


Combining design and ecology, our lighting elements are composed of carefully-selected materials and an elaborate LED system. The new AXA lights used by Neomouv offer a powerful light beam of 30 Lux.

Attention to detail

As illustrated by the elastomer pads and metal protection sleeve present on the Plimoa, our models are designed down to the last detail.